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It begins with YOU, YOUR ideas and YOUR clients

From idea discovery to architecture design, development, testing, product launch, continuous improvement and maintenance – we will create your personal app that will meet your needs and the needs of your customers!

All you have to do is give us your ideas and to let us know how you imagine the final result to look like and we will take care for everything else!

We are devoted to help you adapt to the constantly changing digital world from the very beginning. After hearing your ideas, we will provide you with a consultation based on our expertise and know-how gained throughout the years so we can together come up with the best approach for your project.

We also guarantee full confidentiality contracts and keep all your corporate data only within the concrete employees engaged with the project.
Before any development process begins, we will provide you with a creative brief product architecture.

We will go through each step of the process so we can customize it in a way that fits your needs perfectly! We pay a lot of attention on the planning part, as it is the key component of the project development.

With the help of our business analyzers and software architects, we will provide you with a project architecture, which will be the foundation for the future project development.
Project Management
Our project managers will provide you with a detailed step-by-step plan for your project ensuring that the deadlines and budget initially set are being met.

We can offer variety of project management approaches and methodologies such as the traditional CPM, CCPM, ECM as well as frameworks as Agile, Scrum PRINCE2, PRiSM, Six Sigma, Lean, FDD, DSDM and RUP. We use versioning control and tracking platforms which helps the client to be in constant control and monitoring of the project progress.
The services we offer are top class and we pay attention to every specific detail of your project.

We know that the component parts of a successful project are the mixture of well-functioning features, usage simplicity and beautiful, eye-catching design. We are proud to say that our UX and UI team will design your app in a way, which will get your users addicted to it. Because at the end of the battery life all it matters is if your clients want to spend it on your app.
This is where the fun begins – we will start building up your project from scratch.
Our team consists of professional developers who write with high quality code. We develop applications for a wide range of consumer and business needs, such as games, promotional or marketing apps.
We can cover native development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone as well as back-end and web. Our development capabilities include:
Native Applications and Mobile solutions for all platforms and languages including Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad, iWatch), Google Android (Phones and Tablets) and Windows Phone/RT 8.1 (Phones, Tablets and PC)
Cross-platform mobile solutions for maintaining information flow and services between different mobile platforms and Cloud Services.
Web-based mobile services and web-based applications as well as cross platform integration for web.
Our developers are professional on following programing platforms C++, C#, Objective C, Swift, React JS, Kotlin, Java, Java Script, .Net, Adobe Air, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Phone Gap, Unity 3D, jQuery and Telerik Icenium, as well as a variety of web programming platforms.
Cloud based services and applications for shared information flow between different devices and platforms.
Updating and Notification services management on subscription basis and more.
QA and Testing
Your feedback is extremely valuable for us and before the launch, we want to make sure we have created an app that has met and even exceeded your expectations!

We are focused on quality and before launching we want to be 100% sure that the final product is functioning the way it is supposed to. We want your users to have a great experience when using your product!

We are focused on quality and before launching we want to be 100% sure that the final product is functioning the way it is supposed to. We want your users to have a great experience when using your product!
Publishing and Marketing
After your app has been launched on the App Store/Google Play Store, we will also get your end-user feedback.

Our collaboration with you will not end once we have developed and published your project. Upon your request, we are willing to provide you with an ongoing maintenance and support and help you with the development of the next features of your project.

At DigiMark we are providing tailor made mobile solutions for our clients.

Until now we have worked on 100+ projects worldwide.

Among our clients are multinational brands, as well as startups.

We cherish diversity and embrace different experiences, hopes and dreams.

That’s what is connecting us with you!


Some of the first encouraging signs we got in the very beginning

was the trust we gained from our first foreign outsourcing partners.

The attraction of serious outsourcing contracts from the American and European market

showed us that there is a bright future in our ideas and company development strategy.

If you would like to save time and also have your project developed in a professional way, we can fully cover that for you.