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The two most important reasons why you need a software for your business practices

I may not know which is your business industry – you might be an owner of a local grocery-shop or a multinational clothing brand. Yet this does not matter.

What I do know for sure is that no matter of your industry, you need a software for your business. And no, I don’t say this because we are a software company. I say this, because throughout the years, by working with many multinational brands and startups from different business sectors, we have reached one conclusion – software is essential for businesses.

And I do not speak for one type of software. For different business industries, different software approaches have worked for them. There is no “one size fits all” approach, even in the software industry.

Below I have outlined the two most important reasons why you need a software for your business practices.

#1 A software can improve your business practices and significantly reduce your costs

Yes, a software can have a quite positive impact on your business. Every business has at least one process which could be automated and thus improve the overall business performance and reduce costs (in some cases it could be millions of dollars). Also, a software could lessen the mistakes and errors employees would normally do. Thus, the quality of work will also increase.

Some companies make the mistake of hiring too many employees to perform a task that could also be performed by a software. And there is always a room for improvement. A software can remove complex and redundant processes and make them simple. A software could also reduce errors and help to make each process more accurate. 

Internal processes automation has many benefits for a company and it even helps you keep track of these processes. Especially if you are a larger organization, it would be quite useful for you to be able to constantly keep track of the operations within the company. You will not need to constantly ask the team leaders or the managers to update you on different tasks, an operations management software would help you know what is each one of your employees doing.

Such software could ease the lives of the employees too. For example, it could automatically send notifications to the employees for new tasks, reminders for deadlines of current tasks and so on. Also, if there are more employees involved in a task, such software could notify each employee when should they start working on their part of the project and they could easily keep track on their tasks.

One of our clients, a franchise in the restaurant business, wanted to find a solution for their work and inventory process. They were writing down everything on paper – each chef or cook had to write down when and what type of food ingredients they have taken for a meal. At the end of each day, the inventory was checked by managers and calculated manually. Their main problem was that they could not accurately forecast their inventory needs, due to their work overload – inventory was time-consuming throughout the day and employees were forgetting to write down a food ingredient they have used or making errors. The outcome was inaccurate inventory and the restaurants were either running out of stock or were being overstocked.

This was a huge issue for them, as they neither wanted to disappoint their customers by having some meals out of stock nor having to throw away food, due to overstocking.

In order to resolve these issues, we developed an internal software for their inventory process. Now the inventory is done electronically, on tablets. The software we developed “knows” the recipes by heart. So, the only thing employees have to do is to tick the box of the meal they were preparing and the amount of ingredients used will be automatically calculated for the inventory for the day. At the end of the day, the system calculates how much is left from each food ingredient, signalizing to managers if they are going to run out of stock soon and also suggesting the quantity which has to be ordered, based on system calculations made throughout the week.

The outcome for our clients was increased efficiency and accuracy (employees just have to tick their name and meal prepared, instead of writing everything down) and the software also helped managers to manage the inventory more accurately.

Think about which processes in your organization are time consuming, redundant, inaccurate or inefficient.


It can be automated.

Training of your new employees?

It can be automated.


They can be automated.

And so on.

#2 A software can increase customer engagement

Everybody has a smartphone nowadays, which means that all your customers access your business not only in your physical store but online as well. So, your online presence is as important as your physical presence.

What would most people advise you when starting your own business is to pick the best location, arrange your store the right way, train your personnel and so on. Yet few people will tell you “Also invest in your online presence. Nowadays almost everybody shops online or will review your store online, so you can’t have a bad looking website or mobile application (or even worse – have none of them). “

Do you research a product or service online, prior purchasing? Do you think you would know about a business if they are not present online?

When you go abroad for example, how do you find a hotel to stay in and a restaurant to eat? How do you decide which one is good and which one is not so good? Based on their online presence and customers’ reviews of course.

That’s why many businesses that rely solely on their physical presence often have lack of customers, and their competitors, who have an outstanding presence online, are thriving. It’s a simple example proving that you need to be present online, in order to have customers (we live in a digital world after all).

There are many businesses which solely rely on their online presence, they are investing in their websites and mobile apps. They have no physical store but they know how to engage with customers worldwide online, which has proven to be a winning strategy in today’s digital world.

Yet, not only retail businesses can benefit by having their mobile application. Communicating with your clients does not always mean having a retail app where you could sell your products.

One of our clients, an international insurance company, wanted to find a convenient and easy way for their clients use their services, check their insurances, contact insurers and so on. We developed a mobile application for them, which was not only making the lives of their customers easier but also those of the insurers as well. Now insurers can process claims faster and notify their clients with just one click.

This example proves that you could definitely ease the lives of your customers by providing them with a mobile solution for their needs. And you know that happy customers are loyal customers. It’s a win-win situation.

You could own a dental clinic and have a software where customers could book a visit, check available hours and receive notifications for when their upcoming visits are, notifications for their results and so on.

You could be the owner of a nail salon and offer that same service to your customers. Possibilities are endless.

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Is there a current process in your business that is inefficient or inaccurate and has a room for improvement?

Share with us in the comments below, we will be glad to hear different opinions on that topic!

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