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7 Technology Innovations That Will Improve Our Everyday Lives

Modern technologies in everyday life

I remember when one of my teachers told me she heard many years ago someone saying that one day we will be able to speak to each other no matter of our location and we would be actually able to see each other, while we speak. Back then she didn’t believe them and she told me that while we were having a Skype call. Technology innovations have improved our lives a lot, and while some innovations may still sound as “impossible” to us, they will be already developed and ready for use.

Do you remember back in the days, when you were traveling and you had to check an actual paper map, in order to see where you are? And you had no idea when you were going to arrive to the desired destination?

Now all you have to do is just enter the desired location in your smartphone and it will tell you the shortest and the fastest way to reach your destination, it will show you the traffic along the road, as well as an estimated hour for arrival. And your navigation will even tell you the speed limits while you are driving, measure your current speed and give you indications if you are driving with higher speed than allowed for the specific location.

Technology has continued to improve our everyday lives in so many areas, and we actually have got used to it so much that going back to the “basic” methods of doing some things would be unthinkable for us. I mean, would you open a paper map again to check where you are?

And technology is continuing to improve. Back in the days calling someone via Skype and actually being able to see them was so cool, now it is something we are used to. And so many more technology innovations are being introduced to us on regular basis and we so quickly adapt to them, that they no longer seem as “the cool innovation” but rather as something we can’t live without.

In this article, I have gathered the top 7 technology innovations that we think are quite awesome and that will also improve our everyday lives.

#1 Driverless Vehicles

We find this as probably one of the most exciting technology innovations. The car industry has had so much technological improvements throughout the years, that it reached to a point where the first self-driving vehicles are already a fact. No, they do not need someone to monitor their driving, these vehicles do this on their own.

Via front cameras that cover different visual depths and angles, the cars are able to detect their surroundings, nearby lane markers, construction signs on the side of the road, and streetlights in the distance, to interpret sensory information and to identify appropriate navigation paths, as well as obstacles. It is believed that by incorporating the driverless cars into our everyday lifestyles, we will increase mobility and safety, ease congestion, shorten commutes, reduce fuel consumption, slow global warming, enhance accessibility and others.

#2 Fingertip Calls

This is another technological innovation that we love so much! Sgnl, which is a small strap, allows you to make calls just by placing your fingertip on your ear. This small strap is being connected to your phone via the Sgnl app and it enables you to talk conveniently, without the need to use earphones, headsets and even your smartphone.

How it works: Sgnl generates vibration through its Body Conduction Unit (BCU), when a voice signal is being received. Then, the BCU transmits the vibration through your hand, to your fingertip.

#3 Smart Clothes

From yoga pants, which help you perform your yoga postures right, to smart swimsuits which will tell you when you need to put sunscreen on – technology has taken over the clothing industry, making clothes so smart and cool.

For example, Sensoria, a brand that have incorporated wearable technology into its products, have upper clothing, which monitor the heart rate and smart socks, which detect cadence, foot landing and impact forces. Via their app, Sensoria can become as your personal trainer, giving you performance insights, while you perform a physical activity, such as running, for example.

How it works: Smart clothing is a part of the Internet of things. Via tiny sensors, these interconnected gadgets, which are placed into a garment, “communicate” with an app, for example, and they become a customized body monitoring system.

#5 The Cicret bracelet – a tablet on your skin

The Cicret bracelet is such a cool gadget. It’s like you have your smartphone or your tablet on your hand, literally. We love the concept. It’s a bracelet that will have a touchscreen projected right on your skin. You can check your social media, use a navigation, check your emails and the weather forecast – indeed a tablet on your skin. It is not on the market, yet, we are looking forward to its being released.

How it works: The bracelet is being activated when you twist your wrist and it is equipped with a processor, a memory card, a Bluetooth, WiFi, accelerometer and a micro USB port. But what makes the screen pop up on your arm is the pico-projector, which projects the interface on your skin. Also, there are eight proximity sensors and you move a finger on the interface, one of these eight sensors gets stopped and sends information back to the processor on the bracelet.

#6 Paying with your face

All you need is a smile in order to pay. Well, not actually, your money will be taken too. But the cool thing is that you do not have to use cash or credit cards in order to pay. Via a face detection software, your face will become your credit card.

How it works: Face++ is a Chinese startup, which has developed the face detection software, used for payment. When users upload their photos to the system, it integrates biometric data and tracks about 83 different key points on the face from different angles.

People in China are currently using the Face++ to confirm their payments. It is said that the Face++ can improve the financial security of people, as the software identifies faces with 99% accuracy and when confirming your payment, well, the system will know whether it is really you or someone else.

#7 3D Printing

3D printing has been around for 30 years, yet the technology is constantly being improved and many businesses and manufacturers have started to use 3D printing, such as car manufacturers, doctors, dentists, aircraft manufacturers and others. People are printing drones, knifes, shoes, custom car parts and many others!

How it works: an object is turned into thousands of tiny little slices and then it is being made from the bottom-up, slice by slice. Despite the fact that 3D printers are currently printing mainly objects, we believe that at some point we will be able to print literally anything we want. Speaking of which, we are looking forward to the time when we will be able to print delicious meals too!

As it seems, soon we will be able to print our shoes, while our car is driving us to our home, which builds itself. It may sound crazy when you read it now, but I am sure that once all these technologies become accessible, you will get so much used to them, that not printing your shoes and having to drive by yourself will sound weird to you.

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What do you think about each technology innovation?

For which one are you most excited about? Share with us in the comments below, we would love to hear your opinion!

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